download (1)Nobody plans to get hurt in an accident. Things just seem to go wrong when least expected. However, once involved in an accident, there are things that a person can do to make the best of a bad situation. First and foremost, they should visit a medical professional to ensure their physical safety. Then, it is imperative that they contact a personal injury lawyer who can help them receive justice for what has been done to them.
Finding a great personal injury lawyer in Riverside, California, involves searching for one who is committed to winning compensatory and punitive damages, when possible, and prepared to go all the way to trial, if necessary.

Compensatory Damages

A great personal injury attorney will push for adequate compensatory damages. This award is what the judge or jury, known as the fact finder, gives the victim, the plaintiff, to compensate for the harm done. In general, this monetary award should meet the out-of-the-pocket expenses suffered as a direct result of the accident.
Medical costs are a primary example of compensatory damages. Accident victims usually have some physical injuries that require medical attention. For some families, a wrongful death attorney is needed to obtain compensation for funeral expenses. These bills are, of course, usually high, even with insurance. The best lawyer will gather the necessary reports to properly establish the direct link between the medical diagnoses and the negligence of the defendant, the one who caused the accident.

Punitive Damages

Along with compensatory damages, California courts can assess punitive damages. Again, this is a financial award. The difference is that unlike compensatory damages, in which the victim must prove having lost the amount requested, with punitive damages, the fact finder has virtually complete leeway in deciding the amount.
The objective of punitive damages is to punish the defendant for their negligence. This financial penalty is in lieu of a criminal punishment, since personal injuries are part of the civil law procedural system.


Civil law cases are a long process. From the initial consultation, through discovery, to settlement offers and onto trial, the best personal injury lawyers are prepared for the battle at each step. It is necessary for an attorney to be experienced at handling all phases of civil litigation.
An opposing attorney will know if a personal injury lawyer does not posses the experience to get through a trial, for example. They will then refuse settlement offers knowing that they can probably drive the amount lower. A great Riverside lawyer must exude confidence in their ability to win at each stage.

Time to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Possible

Armed with this information, the average Southern Californian harmed in an auto collision, slip-and-fall, medical malpractice case or any other personal injury situation can go out and find themselves a great attorney in Riverside.

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